Strojírenská 259/16, 155 21 Praha 5

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Po-Pá: 9:00 – 17:00

Po-Pá: 9:00 – 17:00
Sjednejte si servis +420 607 807 705
Strojírenská 259/16, 155 21 Praha 5

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The family has been involved in general automotive repair for over two decades, and the business continues to grow.

Car Repair Service is a family owned and operated auto repair service in USA serving our local community and surrounding areas for 24 years. Our ASE certified technicians are ready to deal with any car repair needed or vehicle issues you may be experiencing. Adam Smith, Owner, inherited the shop from his father.

Naše mise

Our Mission is to serve our customers and always deliver the highest level of customer service; to develop our team and strive to constantly improve; and to conduct ourselves in an environmentally responsible manner.

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To be the world’s most exciting leader in automotive business intelligence solutions. We will generate excitement through implementing pioneering ideas, problem solving & going beyond our customers’ expectations.

Naše hodnoty
  • Teamwork through Trust and Respect.
  • Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm.
  • Accountability at all Levels.
  • Passion for Winning.